Selective Cuttings


Selective Cuttings provides analyses and commentaries on the competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector. The articles cover a wide variety of topics—from the housing boom in China to fires in northern B.C.—with one common thread: their bearing on the Canadian forest sector. We are a group of economists at the Canadian Forest Service (CFS), Natural Resource Canada (NRCan); as part of our work, we are constantly discussing how events and trends will affect industry. We hope that by making our analyses and commentaries publicly available, they might contribute to the wider conversation and understanding of the forest sector and public policy.

Selective Cuttings is an evolving project. The site is not meant to be a comprehensive primer on forest sector competitiveness, but a “selective cut” of topics that have come to our attention as relevant. The articles should not be taken to reflect the position of the CFS, NRCan or the Government of Canada.

We welcome your feedback! We are constantly updating our understanding of the forest sector and appreciate all opportunities to do so: contact us at: