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Impact of varying N and S deposition on nutrient cycling in jack pine ecosystems. 1996. Hazlett, P.W.; Foster, N.W.; Morrison, I.K.; Yin, X. Pages 83-95 in R.M. Cox, K.E. Percy, K. Jenson, and C.M. Simpson, Compilers. Air Pollution and Multiple Stresses, Proceedings: IUFRO, 16th Annual Meeting for Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems. September 7-9, 1994, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Atlantic Forestry Centre, Fredericton, New Brunswick. 402 p.

Année : 1996

Disponible au : Centre de foresterie des Grands Lacs

Numéro de catalogue : 9729

La langue : Anglais

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