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GLFC - Ntam Anishinaabeg waawiinjiganan: Aw wii-ntami-tkokiiwiinan wii-naawgsejiged weweni wii-naabidak memtigwaaki Ezhi-naagok bmaadog kendaaswin wiijkiiwendiwin (Gchi-gaming Mitigwaaking Enji Maawnjidiwaad Wiindimaagewin Mzinagan GLC-X-27). Lesage-Corbiere, J., Young, D., Jones, A., Young, M., Hazlett, P.W., Natural Resources Canada, Eteg ezhi-naagok Canada Canadian Memtigwaaking Emiikigik. Gchi-gaming Mitigwaaking Enji Maawnjidiwaad Wiindimaagewin Mzinagan GLC-X-27. 33p.

Année : 2021

Disponible au : Centre de foresterie des Grands Lacs

Numéro de catalogue : 40470

La langue : Ojibway

Séries : Rapport d'information (CFGL - Sault Ste. Marie)

Disponibilité : PDF (télécharger)


Résumé en langage clair et simple

The Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) hired four First Nations interns from the neighbouring communities, Garden River First Nation and Batchewana First Nation, for a four-month internship from December, 2019 to March, 2020. Interns rotated between laboratories in the Forest Ecosystem Research and Assessment Team (FERAT) and gained practical lab experience. In addition, they were responsible for working on a group project with the end goal of engaging with Garden River and Batchewana First Nations, outlining some of the First Nations' environmental concerns, identifying key issues where partnerships with GLFC could be developed, and creating a resource available to staff from GLFC and the respective communities for a path forward. This document is that resource and outlines some environmental concerns of the communities, key projects identified by the interns that would be a good fit for GLFC and potential funding opportunities. Much of the information compiled here is based on the background experience of each intern and engagement activities with Garden River First Nation, and represents a mix of information gathered from traditional ecological knowledge and western science publications.