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The Island Lake biomass harvest experiment: early results. (Minisi-Zaaga’igan Gaa-maawadoonigaadegin Biiwiga’iganan Izhichigewin: Wiiba Gaa-mikigaadeg). 2016. Boisvert-Marsh, L.; Aubin, I.; Fleming, R.; Hazlett, P.; Morris, D.; Venier, L.; Webster, K.; Wilson, S. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service. Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Information Report GLC-X-16Roj 10p.

Année : 2016

Disponible au : Centre de foresterie des Grands Lacs

Numéro de catalogue : 37790

La langue : Ojibway

Séries : Rapport d'information (CFGL - Sault Ste. Marie)

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Résumé en langage clair et simple

This note summarizes the results to date from the Island Lake Biomass Harvest Experiment, a collaborative research project situated near Chapleau, Ontario. The site, a 40 year old second growth forest, was established in the winter of 2010-2011 to assess the impacts of various levels of biomass removal on boreal forest biodiversity, soil properties and stand productivity. Researchers and partners from government agencies, universities, industry, First Nations and forest communities are collaborating in a total of 14 integrated projects. This multi-disciplinary approach will improve our understanding of how biomass harvesting intensity affects different groups of organisms, their responses and interactions, and the implications for ecosystem function