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Laboratoires de production d'insectes et de quarantaine. 2013. Ebling, P. M. Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Centre de foresterie des Grands Lacs, Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario). Nouvelles Express 69 2 p.

Année : 2013

Disponible au : Centre de foresterie des Grands Lacs

Numéro de catalogue : 34936

La langue : Français

Séries : Nouvelles express (CFGL - Sault Ste. Marie)

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Résumé en langage clair et simple

This two-page note describes insect production at the recently enhanced facility at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. Live insects are reared and provided to researchers across the Canadian Forest Service and other institutes around the world. These specimens are needed by forest entomologists to develop environmentally friendly pest control strategies. In 2011 the facility was expanded and upgraded. New features include quarantine facilities that allow scientists to work with invasive pests without danger of them escaping. The most common insect reared is the spruce budworm. Defoliation by forest insects causes significant economic loss to the Canadian forest industry; for example, 12.7 million ha were defoliated in 2010. The services provided by the insect production facility support the government’s mandate to protect Canada’s natural resources from forest pests.