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Constructing the public sphere in compromised settings: environmental governance in the Alberta forest sector. 2008. Parkins, J.R.; Davidson, D.J. Canadian Review of Sociology 45(2): 177-196.

Année : 2008

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Numéro de catalogue : 29222

La langue : Anglais

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DOI : 10.1111/j.1755-618X.2008.00009.x

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At a time when enthusiasm waxes for a more deliberative and participatory environmental governance, critical inquiries into these activities are sorely needed. One prominent governance forum is the public advisory committee, which has come to play a central role in the legislative and market-based regulation of forest resources. This paper offers a critical assessment of these increasingly privatized and localized settings for political discourse within the forest sector of Alberta. Although caution is urged regarding the potential for active citizen engagement within corporate-sponsored committees, the case study reveals the importance of contextual variation in the quality of deliberation.