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Environmental variation, vegetation distribution, carbon dynamics and water/energy exchange at high latitudes. 2002. McGuire, A.D.; Wirth, C.; Apps, M.J.; Beringer, J.; Clein, J.S.; Epstein, H.; Kicklighter, D.W.; Bhatti, J.S.; Chapin III, F.S.; de Groot, W.J.; Efremov, D.; Eugster, W.; Fukuda, M.; Gower, S.T.; Hinzman, L.; Huntley, B.; Jia, G.J.; Kasischke, E.S.; Melillo, J.M.; Romanovsky, V.; Shvidenko, A.; Vaganov, E.; Walker, D. Journal of Vegetation Science 13: 301-314.

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