Epidemiology of pathogenic fungi


  1. Identify the conditions that favour a G. abietina epiphytotic (both races).
  2. Study the genetic variability of >G. abietina populations in Canada.
  3. Evaluate the resistance of Pinus contorta to the European race of G. abietina.
  4. Identify the resistance process to the European race in jack pine.
  5. Study the ecology of Ribes with a view to controlling white pine blister rust.
  6. Study the genetic variability of I. tomentosus populations in a P. glauca plantation.
  7. Initiate a research project on white pine blister rust in eastern Canada.
  8. Assess the epidemiological importance of a source of white pine blister rust spores near a P. strobus plantation.
  9. Isolate and identify the decay fungi that play a role in windthrow events in balsam fir.


  • Bussières, Guy (Université Laval)
  • Ruel, Jean-Claude (Université Laval)
  • Simard, Marie

Project status

  • On-going