Adding spatially explicit modeling capability to the CBM-CFS3: Prince George pilot project


The Prince George Pilot Project will yield the following outputs:

  • A forest carbon budget for the Prince George area
  • Methodology to integrate remote-sensing information into the CBM-CFS3 accounting framework
  • An updated CBM-CFS3 with the ability to do spatially explicit forest carbon accounting

Once completed, the Prince George pilot project will have provided a demonstration of CBM-CFS3’s new capabilities to perform spatially explicit tracking of forest stocks and stock changes using detailed forest inventory, forest change information, natural disturbance statistics, and forest-management information. The new spatially explicit modelling capabilities that are being developed in this pilot project will provide the capability to maintain a spatially explicit record of forest carbon stocks and stock changes in those areas of forest that are subject to accounting of the impacts of forest management and land-use change. Once these new modeling capabilities are added to the public versions of the CBM-CFS3, they will also significantly increase the level of detail in CBM-CFS3’s operational-scale forest carbon modeling by providing spatially explicit information on forest carbon stocks and stock changes to land managers.

Project status

  • On-going

Team members